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The Fox, The Lion and The Cat

// Heh. Minun piti kirjoittaa esseetä sosiaalilainsäädännöstä. En kirjoittanut. Tämä on jotain pientä keskustelua Darionin ja hänen äitinsä välillä. Saatan jatkaa sitä joskus //

It happened about when Darion was old enough to understand that he needed to be something in the future. Not only “The half-blooded” or “The half-demon”, but something, anything really. He, his Mother and only brother, Dastan, lived in no-mans- land (Darion actually never knew where they were. His Mother only said “Here”, and that’s about it), far away from the conflict between men and elves. It was a forest, to say at least, and Darion wasn’t particularly fond of it. But this was life, for a now at least. Dastan had made some pretty nasty enemies, and family needed to lay low for some time. What he had done? Darion didn’t know, and didn’t even want to. Knowing his hot-headed, battle-forged, ax-wielding and bloodlusting big brother, it was better not to know. So. Being in exile with the rest of the family, Darion had all the time in the world to think. When things would cool down, what about then? What he would do with his life? He wasn’t strong and unstoppable juggernaut like his brother, or cunning and seductive vixen like his Mother. So where did it left him? World of the demons could be cruel to those who didn’t have any real purpose in life.
Most of the time, he just drew some pictures. Nothing particularly good or bad, just something to kill time mostly. He sat under the oak tree, completely focused on his work. But he was still alert enough to heard his Mother’s steps.
“Hello Mother.”
He smiled politely, but his Mother knew better. She sat next to Darion.
“I can see it, something is troubling you.”
It was stupid to deny anything from his Mother. She was hundreds of years old, and knew exactly what was going in his son’s mind. Darion sighed and stopped drawing.
“I just don’t know, Mother… What should I do with my life? I’m not wanderer like you and Dastan, I can’t say that I’m happy with my life right now. I just want to… I don’t know. Something.”
At this point, Darion wasn’t fully aware of the world of humans or elves, but he knew that world of the demons wasn’t for him either. And his Mother knew this. She had given birth to a creature, that wasn’t really anything. But he could make something out of himself. His Mother ran his fingers through his hair and smiled calmly.
“Well, you are old enough to leave a mark in this world.”
She rose up and walked a bit further, without turning. It almost looked like she was in some sort of distress, so Darion got back up in his feet also. His Mother was beautiful, but somewhat cool, so it was odd seeing her with so mixed-up feelings. Like she wanted to be colder what she was.
“You are my youngest child. All but Dastan are perished long time ago, and to be honest, Darion, I’m not so sure if you survive either. But still, my child, I’m going to give you something to remember.”
She turned around to face his son.
“Choose a Path. Any Path, I, or the rest of the world, doesn’t care what you choose. But be best of it. Learn and master your chosen skill until you are unbeatable in your own game. The world doesn’t care about your skill, they just care that you are best of something. Anything. Archery, riding, cooking, even that drawing of yours, those all are equal.”
She smiled and came closer, giving a kiss to his forehead.
“Be always true with yourself, but also very careful to whom you share yourself. You have no idea how horrible this world can be. Humans, brutish and fragile, they most likely won’t accept you, and elves are nothing more but vain and proud creatures, so they might treat you lower than themselves very easily. And demons… well… if they catch you… they’ll kill you.”
His Mother was always honest. She could be very unmoral sometimes, but she was always honest. She didn’t sugar-coated life, even if Darion could actually use some positive lies. He felt a lump in his throat, the future looked pretty bleak.
“Well… I guess that first they need to catch me.”
He tried to smile, but it looked like he was in pain. She just chuckled and touched Darion’s face.
“So, be a master, avoid our kin, and most importantly… Never, ever fall in love.”
Darion could sense a story coming, so he was silent. His Mother knew this, and continued.
“I have had my share of kings and nobles, humans and elves, but your father… he was my first, and last, love. And he gave me you. It’s somewhat funny, because… no human can get me pregnant. Only strong blood, like blood of demons or elves, can bless me with a child. So you are my first, and most likely last, human child. Your heart is from the race of the humans, just as fragile. So… Promise me, that you won’t fall in love.”
Darion was smart enough to remain silent. He couldn’t promise something that wasn’t in his control, and his Mother knew this. Darion just turned his head away, but she turned it back, smiling.
“Most likely, you will get hurt, you will get beaten by this world’s cruelness and loneliness. But never give up, if the world brings you down to your knees, just get back up. Even if it hurts, get up. Whatever you do or choose, make sure to keep your head up high.”
Finally he smiled a bit. His Mother wasn’t very good at comforting, but at least she made sure, that Darion wouldn’t fall from too high, when reality would strike.
“That I can promise at least.”
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Roherdiron (haltia) - "For Honor, Order and Duty"
Rimedur (ristiverinen) - "Hide, listen, watch, learn… And when the time is right, strike from the shadow"
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Acar (old lacerta) - "Do what thou willst"