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Muistetaan hyvät käytöstavat, eikä haasteta riitaa tarkoituksella. Pidetään yllä rentoa, leppoisaa ilmapiiriä. Kiroilu minimiin.

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//Kun kaikki muutkin... .D Eli kultarakkaat, astukaa esiin~//

Characters Chosen:

1) How old are you?
Azure: 17, so not very old yet .w.
Haulokki: 22.
Aella: I'm really not so sure about that... o3o' I don't feel very old, but, who knows.

2) Height?
Azure: About... 157 cm? .w.
Haulokki: I dunno D.< Haven't actually been checking that for the last... seven years, so screw it!
Aella: As a deer I'm about 180 cm at the withers and as an.... elf? O__o' Then I'm 170 cm.

3) You got any bad habits?
Azure: Is it a bad habit to get into trouble? o3o Because that seems to happen to me all the time...
Haulokki: Ääähm.... Lying, stealing, annoying others.... You know, the basic stuff .w.
Aella: I have to admit, drinking.

4) You a virgin?
Azure: Why, yes! o///A///o Don't ask me such things, please.
Haulokki: Haven't been really interested in that kind of stuff, so yeah.
Aella: I guess... not? .3. I think I had someone in my first life... Yes, not a virgin.

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
Azure: Nobody at the moment, maybe I'll find someone .w.
Haulokki: I don't need a mate/spouse! D.<
Aella: No one, unfortunately .3. I might find someone/something nice someday, but I'm not getting too hopeful.

6) Have any kids?
Azure: No, but I'd want to.
Haulokki: Aaw, hell no!
Aella: No, I don't have any kids, cubs, whatever o3O'

7) Favorite food?
Azure: I guess that'd be fish .w. Or or... No, fish it is ^___^
Haulokki: Do you even need to ask? PEAR.
Aella: Everything goes, but I prefer vegetables.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
Azure: ... Excuse me, did you just ask me my favourite ICE CREAM flavor? .3.' What's that?
Haulokki: Dunno wht that is, but I guess it would be pear, you know .w.
Aella: ... What? O__o'''

9) Killed anyone?
Azure: For God's sake, NO! OAO I would never do such horrible things!
Haulokki: Hey, even I wouldn't go that far! oAo'
Aella: It was... it was just one man. A human! It won't happen again! X___x

10) Hate anyone?
Azure: Hmm... Not anyone special o3o I dislike narrow-minded people, but don't really hate them.
Haulokki: Ooooh yes! Many people, but that one guy, who had a huge tree in his house! I can't stand him!
Aella: Well duh, humans.

11) Any secrets?
Azure: Umm... Not really .w.
Haulokki: You can't even imagine o__o
Aella: I don't like keeping things from people, but I guess I have some.

12) Love anyone?
Azure: Well of course! I love my family and Pan... and I guess I love Mr. Shiloh too, but not like that .3.'
Haulokki: Love anyone? Not really.
Aella: Well... .3. My family for one, though they're all dead.

13) TACOS?**
Azure: ... Excuse me?
Haulokki: Do you really want to know what I'm thinking right now? You can stuff your "tacos" right into your pretty little *** and **** off! DD.<
Aella: What are these "tacos"? o3o

14) Ever slept in all day?
Azure: No, I prefer being awake .3.
Haulokki: Yes! D.<
Aella: I'm a full-time tailor, I don't have time for that.

15) Favorite show?**
Azure: ... Show?
Haulokki: ... Show?
Aella: ... Show?

16) Favorite movie?**
Azure: ... Movie?
Haulokki: ... You're seriously starting to creep me out!
Aella: ... Movie?

17) Favorite band?**
Azure: ... Band?
Haulokki: ... And even more creepier.
Aella: ... I'll pass this question, please.

18) Eye Colors?
Azure: I don't know what they look like, but I've been told that the color is as blue as ice .w.
Haulokki: It's a sharp bluish-green. Sounds weird, I know.
Aella: Coal-black.

19) Skin?
Azure: Milky white .w. ...
Haulokki: Smoke-grey.
Aella: I'm quite pale, but at winter I'm almost white!

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
Azure: Slim .3. I don't weigh very much..
Haulokki: Äämmm... Somewhere between slim and average? I'd still say quite slim.
Aella: Average.

21) Rain, sunshine?
Azure: I like sunshine, when it's warm .w. But the rain smells good, so I like it, too.
Haulokki: Clouds, I'd say. I don't like too bright days, and I don't like getting wet from the rain.
Aella: Everything goes.

22) Pool, beach?
Azure: Beach.
Haulokki: I. Don't. CARE. D.<
Aella: I don't really like swimming, so...

23) Camping, staying home?
Azure: Wandering around~ .w.
Haulokki: I'm more like the moving type, I don't like camping in one place for long, and I don't really have "home" .3.
Aella: Home. Definitely.

24) Dog, cat?
Azure: My dear Pan .w. I love animals, but the dogs are just adorable~
Haulokki: NOTHING. Especially not a hedgehog.
Aella: Well... I actually like cats, but not too much .3.

25) Believe in aliens?
Azure: Why not? .w. There's so many different things out there.
Haulokki: If there are, let them be. D.<
Aella: Not before I see it for myself .3.

26) Natural born, or clone?
Azure: Natural. What kind of question is that?
Haulokki: Made in human, so yes, natural, you smart ass D.<
Aella: Nat.... oh wait .3. Am I? I mean, If I was born again by some weird way, but I was an elf and...

27) Car or ship?**
Azure: Car or ship? o3o Are you making fun of me because I'm blind? Because that'd be just sad.
Haulokki: Seriously. Cut it off! D.<
Aella: I'll pass this too, thanks.

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Azure: So you are making blind-jokes ó3ò
Haulokki: Blind rage, eh...? Well... maaaybe.
Aella: I guess so... maybe long time ago.

29) Any unusual things about you?
Azure: Would you please stop it? oÓ3Òo Is being blind really that unusual?
Haulokki: Are you an idiot? I'm friggin' grey and I can turn into a raccoon, so yes!
Aella: What's classified as unusual? .3.

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
Azure: Well... not very much.
Haulokki: What I'm able to get, that has to be enough.
Aella: I guess I don't need that much, but I'd feel better if I ate more.

31) Favorite place?
Azure: The forest I'd say .w.
Haulokki: The streets, beats home 10-0.
Aella: Home, or the tavern, that's pretty nice too...
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Characters Chosen:
Iriador Mir Valdoren
Delathos NDrayer
Areth Cúthalion
Atrevaux Argenteus

1) How old are you?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Well, guess what? I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU THAT!
Delathos NDrayer: Never too old for you, mlady~
Dagnir: Now you want to know my age. Next you want to lock me in a cage. If I would tell you how old I am, that would not be longer a secret, madam. :3
Jackalope: With my skills, I can be as old as you want me to be! Just give me some.. time, makeups and costumes..
Areth Cúthalion: My head hurts when I only think those numbers..
Atrevaux Argenteus: I can be young. I can be old. But never too young or old to do anything that I want to do.
Shyvana: How old you think me to be?

2) Height?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Longer than you!
Delathos NDrayer: So long that I could step on you..
Dagnir: Want to know my weight too?
Jackalope: You see, Im not pretty tall..
Areth Cúthalion: So long that I could pick of bare hands a moon on the sky for you.. though you wont get that. Ill keep it myself!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Look up here and tell me.
Shyvana: Enough.

3) You got any bad habits?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Like its supposedly important to know..
Delathos NDrayer: I AM A BAD HABIT! * cruel grin*
Dagnir: No.
Jackalope: Of course not! (Liar liar pants on fire!)
Areth Cúthalion: Maybe..
Atrevaux Argenteus: I'm not always as sober as you think, my friend~
Shyvana: I look at everything.. secretly~

4) You a virgin?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: A MAN HAS HIS NEEDS!
Delathos NDrayer: Youre seriously asking me that?
Dagnir: Yes.
Jackalope: Yup. And proud of it!
Areth Cúthalion: No.
Atrevaux Argenteus: Its not your business.
Shyvana: I have mate. I have these cute little dragons - want to know what they like you?

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: N-nobody!
Delathos NDrayer: I have many wives~ *grin*
Dagnir: I dont need anyone.
Jackalope: Pftfffftfptptpftptf~
Areth Cúthalion: Countess Erudessa Idhrenniel, nowadays shes a Cúthalion too.
Atrevaux Argenteus: *smokes a pipe*
Shyvana: The mighty Marduk.

6) Have any kids?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: No.. At least I hope so..
Delathos NDrayer: Of course not.
Dagnir: Kids are good snacks, yeees~
Jackalope: Nope.
Areth Cúthalion: Not yet.
Atrevaux Argenteus: *smirk*
Shyvana: My cute little dragonssss~ <3

7) Favorite food?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Birds.
Delathos NDrayer: A raw meat! Its bad, believe me. But if we are seriously only this time my favorite food is.. I actually dont know what my favorite food is..
Dagnir: Meat.
Jackalope: I eat what I can get..
Areth Cúthalion: All the best is my favorite - and nobody offers me nothing than the best!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Fruits and berries are always good. I dont care about meat but know that Im not vegetarian.
Shyvana: I dont have favorites.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Ice.. cream? Creams are always good!
Delathos NDrayer: I'll show you some creams
Dagnir: Is it something I can eat?
Jackalope: Surely every flavor! Positively sure!
Areth Cúthalion: This must be good because you ask.. Where I can get some?
Atrevaux Argenteus: Lets make this clear. If its nothing like drugs, I dont like it~

9) Killed anyone?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Yes. Not proud of it, but its kind of my job..
Delathos NDrayer: I kill you if you ask me another such a stupid question.
Dagnir: If I don't kill, I can't be alive.
Jackalope: Ill never kill anyone..
Areth Cúthalion: I have to say yes.
Atrevaux Argenteus: Certainly.
Shyvana: Yes.

10) Hate anyone?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: *nods*
Delathos NDrayer: Everyone. Except myself! There are some exceptions too..
Dagnir: If somebody hates me, I hate him.
Jackalope: Hating is stupid.
Areth Cúthalion: Enemies, humans especially.
Atrevaux Argenteus: I hate my enemies. And stupid things and people like general Winder. Hes a one possessed little ba--, lets not say that out loud. Lets keep it a secret just you and me. Want some wine my friend?
Shyvana: Some people.. yes.

11) Any secrets?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: If I tell you those are not secrets anymore!
Delathos NDrayer: Do you want to find out?
Dagnir: If you be my friend maybe I share you some~
Jackalope: Too many!
Areth Cúthalion: Every man is full of secrets.
Atrevaux Argenteus: Maybe I have one.. two.. few..
Shyvana: When you live 10000 years, you inevitably get some secrets my dear.

12) Love anyone?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Family. Friends. Da--- DAHLIA! Yup, dahlia. That Flower you know, sooooo beautiful. Love it!..
Delathos NDrayer: Myself.
Dagnir: No.
Jackalope: My friends!
Areth Cúthalion: My beloved wife.
Atrevaux Argenteus: I love my beasts. And wine. And pipe. I dont need anything else.
Shyvana: Naaah, love is boring..

13) TACOS?**
Iriador Mir Valdoren: What was..?
Delathos NDrayer: *scratch his head*
Dagnir: Some food again? Lemme taste it!
Jackalope: Some kind of jewel maybeh? *3*
Areth Cúthalion: Keep it away from me whatever it is!!
Atrevaux Argenteus: *ignore*
Shyvana: Food for my little ones!

14) Ever slept in all day?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Yup!
Delathos NDrayer: No. Time is money my dear.
Dagnir: I have slept a hundreds of years once actually~
Jackalope: Some rainy days..
Areth Cúthalion: * theatrically* Oh, I wish I could!
Atrevaux Argenteus: No.
Shyvana: I always have time to sleep. Sometimes its just so boring to watch how stupid people are--

15) Favorite show?**

16) Favorite movie?**

17) Favorite band?**
Iriador Mir Valdoren: I like all kind of music.
Delathos NDrayer: Strippers are artist too! Lets talk more about them now..
Dagnir: I dont like anything noisy.
Jackalope: Dont know, dont care.
Areth Cúthalion: MY MUSIC IS BEST!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Birds..
Shyvana: Sound of the wind and rain.

18) Eye Colors?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Cant say, Im blind..
Delathos NDrayer: Let me tell you what color your eyes have my love~ *naughty grin*
Dagnir: Golden.
Jackalope: Very light turquoise.
Areth Cúthalion: Bring me mirror and Ill tell you.
Atrevaux Argenteus: Glowing, light green.
Shyvana: Flaming like fire.

19) Skin?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Slightly tanned.
Delathos NDrayer: Some problem with my skin?
Dagnir: Scaly.
Jackalope: Slightly dark brown.
Areth Cúthalion: Flawless. Perfect.
Atrevaux Argenteus: *ignore.. again*
Shyvana: Pale. Grey. White. Im like a ghost!

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Slim. Little bit muscular I think.
Delathos NDrayer: Muscular. Perfect for killing.
Dagnir: A one fine and strong dragon. (The fail dragon..)
Jackalope: Too slim..
Areth Cúthalion: So sexy it hurts!!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Where you leave that bottle of wine?
Shyvana: Imma snake.

21) Rain, sunshine?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Sunshine.
Delathos NDrayer: I dont care.
Dagnir: Snowfall and frost.
Jackalope: Sunshine!
Areth Cúthalion: Actually - I like rain and snow more than sunshine and flowers.
Atrevaux Argenteus: Weather is always nice.
Shyvana: Weather is what I ever like it to be.

22) Pool, beach?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: * goes to get a life preserver and locks onto the cabinet*
Delathos NDrayer: Pool with good service or beach with beautiful ladies~
Dagnir: Seaside. Salted water is nice.
Jackalope: Beach! I can go there with all my friends!
Areth Cúthalion: Private pool in my private beach!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Pool. There I can be alone.
Shyvana: Sky is my choice you mortal.

23) Camping, staying home?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Home is always the best choose, but I like camping also.
Delathos NDrayer: Camping.
Dagnir: Adventures cannot be done at home.
Jackalope: Staying home is boring! Lets go see the world together!
Areth Cúthalion: Camping is not my thing, really..
Atrevaux Argenteus: Staying home.
Shyvana: Staying in my castle in the air.

24) Dog, cat?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Cat!
Delathos NDrayer: I already have one little tiger~ <3
Dagnir: Snacks..
Jackalope: Dog would be nice!
Areth Cúthalion: Give me something more exotic!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Animals, phah! Stupid creatures..
Shyvana: Little dragunzzz~

25) Believe in aliens?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Naah..
Delathos NDrayer: Aliens are dead if they come here and say hi to me if that is what you ask..
Dagnir: Yes.
Jackalope: Pffft, aliens.. You kidding right? Ridiculous..
Areth Cúthalion: An interesting idea - Yes, I want to believe in that!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Of course. There are even some beasts that live in another dimension than us want me to show you?
Shyvana: I even know a few!

26) Natural born, or clone?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Natural.
Delathos NDrayer: Son of a demon.
Dagnir: Dragonborn. (One does not simply understand..)
Jackalope: I dont really know..
Areth Cúthalion: True Cúthalion!
Atrevaux Argenteus: Maybe I am also from another dimension?
Shyvana: Neither.

27) Car or ship?**
Iriador Mir Valdoren: I choose Nashira.
Delathos NDrayer: Tigers are the best steeds!
Dagnir: Wings.
Jackalope: Ship! I wanna go to the sea! Lemmelemmelemmelemme!
Areth Cúthalion: Ship. Whatever this car even is
Atrevaux Argenteus: What is this car thing? Can I try it? No? Then I am not going to choose neither.
Shyvana: Clouds are nice way to travel. So soft. So quiet.

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: I have never felt that way..
Delathos NDrayer: *widest, naughtiest and the most twisted grin that you have ever seen*
Dagnir: I am gentle lizard..
Jackalope: Noooooo~
Areth Cúthalion: Lets not talk about it..
Atrevaux Argenteus: If I would have a chance, I would destroy that little Winder and his pathetic mate. Maybe all his tiny blue fellows. And-that-would-be-my-pleasure!
Shyvana: Now when you asked, I have to say yes. I dont regret anything.

29) Any unusual things about you?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Blindness.
Delathos NDrayer: Somebody says Im a monster - but I am not going to believe that *grinnnnn*
Dagnir: Im bad with my illusions
Jackalope: I have wings on my back!
Areth Cúthalion: Ever seen an elf with mustache?
Atrevaux Argenteus: Biggest faun thats ever seen.
Shyvana: I am unusual.

30) Favorite place?
Iriador Mir Valdoren: Next to Darius. DAHLIA! You hear me, flowers are nice. Smells so good!
Delathos NDrayer: Anywhere where I can kill something..
Dagnir: In the mountains. Ocean is nice too.
Jackalope: Anywhere!
Areth Cúthalion: My little manor <3
Atrevaux Argenteus: Anywhere where I can be alone or with good companion. With wine.
Shyvana: Sky.

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Jälleen kahden uuden hahmon jälkeen! 8) Tervetuloa Aphaderuiondurin ja Fripin haastattelun pariin.

1) How old are you?
Aphaderuiondur: Only twenty-six so I still have many years to live and enjoy!
Pulla: I am a hobbit in his best age, and that means 35!

2) Height?

Aphaderuiondur: One cm taller than my brother. HA-HA!
Pulla: *very proud face* I'm absolutely the tallest hobbit in Crypt.

3) You got any bad habits?
Aphaderuiondur: When you are as perfect as me, you just can't have bad habits. Of course if you don't count overhandsomeness as a bad habit.
Pulla: Nnnnno.

4) You a virgin?
Aphaderuiondur: Ohohoho no, my lady. *wink*
Pulla: I don't know if that's okay for you humans - or whatever you are - to ask this kind of things, but I am very much not allowed to answer!

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
Aphaderuiondur: Believe me, it might be you.
Pulla: No one. Mighty adventurer, like me, can't think about spouse yet.

6) Have any kids?
Aphaderuiondur: No, not yet! Let me be free!
Pulla: No, I'm far too young for that.

7) Favorite food?
Aphaderuiondur: I think fish is very good.
Pulla: Mushrooms, my dear friend.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
Aphaderuiondur: I don't know, I have never tasted.
Pulla: Ice cream? Like very cold cream? Excellent! Sounds magnificent! Maybe we should add some strawberries or fresh fruits, don't you think? Doesn't that sound good for you?

9) Killed anyone?
Aphaderuiondur: I'm not into fighting. Whenever I can, I will speak myself to safe waters!
Pulla: Oh no, not yet.

10) Hate anyone?
Aphaderuiondur: Life is so short. Why use your powers to things like hating.
Pulla: I don't talk about hating, it's such a strong word. And so far everyone has seemed to be pretty nice to me.

11) Any secrets?
Aphaderuiondur: I am a shapeshifter. Doesn't that make me sound more intriguing?
Pulla: *whispers* No.

12) Love anyone?
Aphaderuiondur: Whenever someone loves me, I love her or him too. But I of course "LOVE" only young attracting ladies.
Pulla: My brother that has passed away.

13) TACOS?**
Aphaderuiondur: BANJOS?!
Pulla: Sounds like an adventure!

14) Ever slept in all day?
Aphaderuiondur: Sounds awesome but I still haven't tried it.
Pulla: Might have.

15) Favorite show?**
Aphaderuiondur: Me and my brother playing for people!
Pulla: I haven't seen pretty much performances but I'd love to see.

16) Favorite movie?**
Aphaderuiondur: Movie? Like move? Something different?
Pulla: I don't know.

17) Favorite band?**
Pulla: I don't know this either. *thinking hard*

18) Eye Colors?

Aphaderuiondur: Light blue and fascinating.
Pulla: Deep blue!

19) Skin?

Pulla: ...Pretty hairy.

20) Fat/Average/Slim?

Aphaderuiondur: Average and trained! It's a shame that I really never use my muscles but... It's the thing with women. They like strong man. Rawr.
Pulla: I am very average to be myself!

21) Rain, sunshine?

Aphaderuiondur: The weather doesn't matter, I will still play you my banjo!
Pulla: I actually like them both.

22) Pool, beach?

Aphaderuiondur: Pool sounds rich but I still prefer beach.
Pulla: Pool? I guess beach.

23) Camping, staying home?

Aphaderuiondur: Staying in my hometown I guess.

24) Dog, cat?

Aphaderuiondur: If I have to choose, it will be... Dog.
Pulla: Both could be nice to see!

25) Believe in aliens?

Aphaderuiondur: Uh-oh, I guess not.
Pulla: In who? In what? Tell me more about those aliens!

26) Natural born, or clone?

Aphaderuiondur: Natural please.
Pulla: Natural, is that clone some kind of elvish thing?

27) Car or ship?**

Aphaderuiondur: ...Ship.
Pulla: I would like to see both, thanks. "Car" is something I have never seen!

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?

Aphaderuiondur: Huh, no. I am a calm person.
Pulla: I guess some pumpkins when I was a kid.

29) Any unusual things about you?
Aphaderuiondur: I can turn into a tree, an imp or a manewolf.
Pulla: Not really *big smile*

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?

Aphaderuiondur: Enough I guess!
Pulla: MUCH! Don't forget the second breakfast.

31) Favorite place?
Aphaderuiondur: Playing with my brother to people who like to hear my music.
Pulla: Heading to new adventures.
"Minä osaan muuten puhua haltiakieltä", Pulla sanoi ja asettui lauluasentoon. "Päivää, kiitos, huomenta, olet karvainen lohkoperuna."

Loryen 0/2
Aberec 0/2
Fred 0/2
Eugene 0/2
Jerrell 0/2
Hiroi 0/2
Aphaderuiondur 0/2
Pulla 0/2
Arasinya 1/2

Miten olisi kuutamokävely?

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Characters Chosen: Aleiga

1) How old are you?
Well, young adult? It has been so long when I was in my humanform, and there has been so many years going, so I guess I'm still young adult. (She's 20! Fucking too old in the Mary-Sue thing)

2) Height?
As human 182 cm and as deer 170 cm.

3) You got any bad habits?
...Does the eating apples as much as my stomach can handle as a bad habit?

4) You a virgin?
Yes? I'm not taking any wimps to take my virginity, you puss!

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
I don't need mate. I'm strong and can survive just fine without one.

6) Have any kids?
Nope, and don't want one.

7) Favorite food?
Appels. In any way in any form it's the apples.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
The goddäm apples! Wasn't you listening me?

9) Killed anyone?

10) Hate anyone?

11) Any secrets?
...I'm not really a deer. Shocking right?

12) Love anyone?

13) TACOS?**
APPLES! How many times I have to say it, you moron!?

14) Ever slept in all day?
Yeah, as a deer you really don't have much to do.

15) Favorite show?**
Carnevals! I love the music and the dancing, spirits, it's so exciting!

16) Favorite movie?**
Nope. I love to hear all kind off stories, but haven't heard anything really good yet.

17) Favorite band?**
I like the ones, who play flue and drums?

18) Eye Colors?
Dark brown, sometimes they look almost black.

19) Skin?
Pretty white, as a north people I am.

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
Average? I mean, I have muscles as I am a hunter and a deer, and I love to eat lots of apples.

21) Rain, sunshine?
Rain. I love the smell of rain and how it's drums the roof.

22) Pool, beach?
Pool. Not too big or not too small. Actually... I never have seen a beach. Is it bigger than a pool?

23) Camping, staying home?
Camping! I cant stand staying in one place too long, I want to go outside too you know.

24) Dog, cat?
Mountlion. The way they hunt without a sound and so powerful creatures that you have to respect them.

25) Believe in aliens?
Why not? I have seen spirits and they have turned me on to something else. There's thing that we don't know.

26) Natural born, or clone?
Narutal... Born? I guess?

27) Car or ship?**
Feet. I don't like the ships, or I don't have any good memories of them being in the dark not knowing what is happening outside...

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Yes. I regret it. It was my favorite skull.

29) Any unusual things about you?
Well, what can I say. I'm really not a deer, I love music but don't have any gifts for it, I don't like clothes if we are honest -but people have this kind of "OH MY GOD! NAKED!" -thing so I just keep the dam clothes- aaaand I am really a human but I thing that did come a clear already didn't it?

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
I can survive with what I have. But if we are speaking about apples, they don't last even for half day.

31) Favorite place?
Under the appletrees when they are blossoming. Or warm pool.

Viesti Su Marras 10, 2013 8:38


Characters Chosen:
Elwyn Arthendálion
Lucanya Vendethiel
Nadale Arthendálion

1) How old are you?
Elwyn: 298.
Lucanya: You know, it's rude to ask that from women! Oh right... 291.
Nadale: 295.

2) Height?
Elwyn: 172cm.
Lucanya: Umm, about 170cm.
Nadale: 166cm.

3) You got any bad habits?
Elwyn: Well, I don't know what things are 'bad habit' for you. Smoking sometimes? Killing?
Lucanya: Maybe I'm too kind sometimes and especially for wrong people...
Nadale: Oh, don't look me like that! Rum is way too good!

4) You a virgin?
Elwyn: ...
Lucanya: How dare you?!
Nadale: *laughing*

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
Elwyn: Akashi.
Lucanya: William <3
Nadale: My lovely crew!

6) Have any kids?
Elwyn: Do I look like that I would have?
Lucanya: No.
Nadale: Thank god, no.

7) Favorite food?
Elwyn: Meat.
Lucanya: What a hard question! Hmm... I like very much of all fresh, like salads and fruits.
Nadale: Fish!

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?
Elwyn: A what?
Lucanya: Difficult to say, never tried or even heard about o.o
Nadale: A what?

9) Killed anyone?
Elwyn: *smirk* Oh my, if you just could know...
Lucanya: Luckily no, I really try to avoid that in every situations!
Nadale: Avoiding that in fights is just impossibility.

10) Hate anyone?
Elwyn: Yes.
Lucanya: Well... Not anyone by a name.
Nadale: Oh yes!

11) Any secrets?
Elwyn: And you expect that I would just open my mind to you, hm?
Lucanya: One a very big...
Nadale: Not your business.

12) Love anyone?
Elwyn: No.
Lucanya: Yes :)
Nadale: No.

13) TACOS?
Elwyn: What?
Lucanya: Excuse me...?
Nadale: Oh, tease some one else!

14) Ever slept in all day?
Elwyn: No actually.
Lucanya: No but I loved to!
Nadale: Yep!

15) Favorite show?
All: o.o

16) Favorite movie?
All: o.o'

17) Favorite band?
All: Ò.ó

18) Eye Colors?
Elwyn: Don't you see?
Lucanya: Blue one.
Nadale: Green.

19) Skin?
Elwyn: So you are blind or...?
Lucanya: Light, I'm an elf after all.
Nadale: I don't know, light?

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
All: Slim.

21) Rain, sunshine?
Elwyn: Rain.
Lucanya: Sunshine of course!
Nadale: Sunshine.

22) Pool, beach?
Elwyn: What is a pool? And I don't like being on beach.
Lucanya: I don't about pool but I like beach :)
Nadale: Beach!

23) Camping, staying home?
Elwyn: It's depends of job.
Lucanya: Usually staying home.
Nadale: My ship is my home and my ship is almost in every second in the seas so infer that!

24) Dog, cat?
Elwyn: Well, I have already a very big cat.
Lucanya: Umm... I could take both!
Nadale: I don't know. Dog could be more useful.

25) Believe in aliens?
Elwyn: Hard to believe if you don't know what a crap is that.
Lucanya: ?
Nadale: Huh?

26) Natural born, or clone?
Elwyn: *frustrated sigh*
Lucanya: Natural.
Nadale: Think it.

27) Car or ship?
Elwyn: I'll punch you soon.
Lucanya: ...
Nadale: Don't know about car but I got ship!

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Elwyn: Yes.
Lucanya: No...
Nadale: Oh yes!

29) Any unusual things about you?
Elwyn: Too many.
Lucanya: No, I think?
Nadale: I like rum.

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
Elwyn: Not so sure. Some times normally and some days too little. It depends of a job.
Lucanya: What is a normal size to adult women :)
Nadale: Don't know. I like food but I don't eat much.

31) Favorite place?
Elwyn: Place which is surrounded of ice, snow and mountains.
Lucanya: I just can't say one, too many!
Nadale: My ship!

Viesti Ti Huhti 01, 2014 7:22


Characters Chosen: Karhuntakku

1) How old are you?
Old enough

2) Height?
Bigger than you

3) You got any bad habits?
A lot. Not enough time or do I care to tell them to you.

4) You a virgin?
You see any virginbelt on me? All tought, it has been long time since the last time...

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
Like I need one...

6) Have any kids?
Maybe couple of bearcubs somewhere in the Quinn's forest. Haven't really be in touch with them.

7) Favorite food?
Meat. And honey. Especially them together.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**

9) Killed anyone?

10) Hate anyone?

11) Any secrets?
I hate blueberries. That's enough for you?

12) Love anyone?

13) TACOS?**
HELL NO! And don't you dare to yell at me! *snarling*

14) Ever slept in all day?
In the past. And the last time was when I was sick.

15) Favorite show?**

16) Favorite movie?**

17) Favorite band?**
Yeah, it's callde "shut up".

18) Eye Colors?
Somekind of honey I think.

19) Skin?

20) Fat/Average/Slim?

21) Rain, sunshine?
Sunshine. It's annoying to get wet.

22) Pool, beach?
Pool. It's in the forest at least.

23) Camping, staying home?
Staying home, the Place where I belong just fine.

24) Dog, cat?
Cat. They are at least quite.

25) Believe in aliens?
What's that? Something to eat?

26) Natural born, or clone?
From a f****gn bear!

27) Car or ship?**
Hell no! I'm not getting inside those big boxes...

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Yes. You.

29) Any unusual things about you?
...I'm ticklesh from my neck? Wait! Forget what I said!

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
A lot. I'm a big man.

31) Favorite place?
Forest. Quite and nobody near~

Viesti Ti Huhti 01, 2014 8:05


Characters Chosen: Elodie

1) How old are you?
I'm 48.

2) Height?
Umm... tiny?

3) You got any bad habits?
Habits yes, but I would't say they are bad. So no.

4) You a virgin?

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
I don't have enyone, yet.

6) Have any kids?
Not yet.

7) Favorite food?
Toffee apple!

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**

9) Killed anyone?
No! I would never do that!

10) Hate anyone?

11) Any secrets?
I already told you.

12) Love anyone?
My family... and my good friend.

13) TACOS?**

14) Ever slept in all day?
I don't remember.

15) Favorite show?**
What do you mean by show?

16) Favorite movie?**
a What?

17) Favorite band?**
What's whit these weid questions?

18) Eye Colors?
Blue whit little bit of brown.

19) Skin?

20) Fat/Average/Slim?

21) Rain, sunshine?
Rain, it helps nature grow.

22) Pool, beach?

23) Camping, staying home?
Home, if I had one.

24) Dog, cat?
Neither, they could eat me.

25) Believe in aliens?
No, but stll I don't like them.

26) Natural born, or clone?
All natural.

27) Car or ship?**
I don't... ship?

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
I have never bean in rage, so no.

29) Any unusual things about you?
Mom always told me that everyone is normal on they own way, so no, there's nothing unusual about me.

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
Not much, some days I go without food.

31) Favorite place?
Bears hug.

Viesti Su Syys 07, 2014 1:05


Kun kerran on sisarukset saatu molemmat paikalle niin...uudestaan!

Characters Chosen:

1) How old are you?
Caladhiel: 495.
Calanon: We're twins, so, try to think about it again.

2) Height?
Caladhiel: Very tiny....
Calanon: Too small to look like elf.

3) You got any bad habits?
Caladhiel: I hope I don't have any...
Calanon: Wanna see a list?

4) You a virgin?
Caladhiel: Yes. Can we move on please?
Calanon: None of your business. *stares with murderous look*

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
Caladhiel: I believe that I don't have any...? Or can I say that I have few but I don't see them very often?
Calanon: I. Don't. Need. Them. Except that I do have a pet raven.

6) Have any kids?
Caladhiel: Animals are mah babies!
Calanon: Do I look like a father or something?!?

7) Favorite food?
Caladhiel: I guess almost everything?
Calanon: Meat.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
Caladhiel: Ice...cream? I DO like ice but...
Calanon: Don't know, don't care.

9) Killed anyone?
Caladhiel: Dear lord no!
Calanon:.... You really want to join them?

10) Hate anyone?
Caladhiel: Ehhh....
Calanon: You. And myself.

11) Any secrets?
Caladhiel: Not really.
Calanon: If I tell you, I need to kill you. *grins*

12) Love anyone?
Caladhiel: Well, I loved. Now they're all gone. But mayby I will find someone someday?
Calanon: ...... *takes sword and tries to kill meh*

13) TACOS?**
Caladhiel: ?!?

14) Ever slept in all day?
Caladhiel: I don't sleep much. But when I do, nothing wakes me!
Calanon: I do that all the time.

15) Favorite show?**
Caladhiel:............. I like music. :D
Calanon: Your screaming

16) Favorite movie?**
Caladhiel: WHAT is that?!
Calanon: I'm srsly gonna kill u now

17) Favorite band?**
Caladhiel: When this is gonna end?
Calanon: Now you're dead!

18) Eye Colors?
Caladhiel: Green!
Calanon: We're twins, think about it

19) Skin?
Caladhiel: Light...?
Calanon: Yes I do have one but I think u don't soon if it depends on me

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
Caladhiel: Very slim? I'm tiny elf...
Calanon: Slim.

21) Rain, sunshine?
Caladhiel: I love both!
Calanon: Rain.

22) Pool, beach?
Caladhiel: Pool...?

23) Camping, staying home?
Caladhiel: Forest IS my home.
Calanon: I don't have a home. Camping?

24) Dog, cat?
Caladhiel: Both.
Calanon: Raven.

25) Believe in aliens?
Caladhiel: Do you believe that cows can fly?
Calanon: No, I believe in toothfairies. *yawns*

26) Natural born, or clone?
Caladhiel:.. Natural born?

27) Car or ship?**
Calanon: *leaves*

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Caladhiel: hopefully not...?
Calanon: *comes suddenly back* Yes, yes, yes.

29) Any unusual things about you?
Caladhiel: Well, I can control water and ice... So I guess I'm unusual elf?
Calanon: You don't even want to know.

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
Caladhiel: Not very much.
Calanon: Sometimes not at all, sometimes little bit.

31) Favorite place?
Caladhiel: There's a river in a forest... There I met first time dragon called Dagnir. So that's very important place to me!
Calanon: Somewhere where everybody leaves me alone.


Viestit: 2303

Liittynyt: Ti Touko 27, 2014 4:00

Paikkakunta: Mun koti

Viesti Su Syys 07, 2014 10:16


//Varoitus! Huonoa englantia! Teitä on varoitettu!//

Characters Chosen:

1) How old are you?
Edward: 19
Shael:... Woman don't say their age! Like over 320
Un: I'm 70, am I old?

2) Height?
Edward: I'm... normal
Shael: Tiny
Un: Umm.... Too big! I'm too big!

3) You got any bad habits?
Edward: Well... I could say them bad habits... I don't wanna talk about them
Shael: Is cursing bad habit? Well then yes *grin*
Un: No.. I don't have any

4) You a virgin?
Edward: Yes... You got a problem?
Shael: No, because someone raped me
Un: Yes.

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
Edward: .....Maybe Nakami
Shael: I had once, but he died
Un: Celebri?

6) Have any kids?
Edward: No
Shael: Only one girl.
Un: No, but I would like to have <3

7) Favorite food?
Edward: Meat. Or raw meat...
Shael: I don't know
Un: Everything!

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
Edward: What is ice... Cream?
Shael: Ice and cream together? What food is that?
Un: Um...

9) Killed anyone?
Edward:... Should I say... the Whole village?
Shael: I don't talk about this
Un: No, yet.

10) Hate anyone?
Edward:... Myself?
Shael: All men. I hate them.
Un: No. I don't wanna hate anybody

11) Any secrets?
Edward:... You don't wanna hear
Shael: Not really.
Un: Maybe one?

12) Love anyone?
Edward: Not sure.
Shael: My death husband and my daughter
Un: My dad... And maybe one more

13) TACOS?**
Edward: Whut?
Shael: I will show your tacos! *Run to me*
Un: Is that a thing or food?

14) Ever slept in all day?
Edward: Maybe once
Shael: I don't have any time
Un: Yes!

15) Favorite show?**
Edward: I don't watch shows
Shael: When my daughter is singing to me
Un: Music?

16) Favorite movie?**
Edward: Can you ask something else?
Shael: What movie?
Un: Can I eat it?

17) Favorite band?**
Edward:.... *The beast is awakening*
Shael: What are you planing? Hah?
Un: Band...Umm...

18) Eye Colors?
Edward: Green
Shael: Orange
Un: In daytime red and in night time sky blue

19) Skin?
Edward: Normal
Shael: Light... I'm elf after all
Un: Very dark.

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
Edward: Average
Shael: Slim... Maybe too skinny
Un: Not fat... Then average? I don't no!

21) Rain, sunshine?
Edward: both sometimes
Shael: sunshine
Un: sunshine! I like warm!

22) Pool, beach?
Edward: Beach???
Shael: I don't go...
Un: what pool?

23) Camping, staying home?
Edward: I don't have home, so camping
Shael: Staying home, I can't go anywhere, because I have work!
Un: Both, because I like them <3

24) Dog, cat?
Edward: Well If I have to pick one. Then dog.
Shael: None of them
Un: Griffin!

25) Believe in aliens?
Edward: Look at me! Do I really look like answering this question?
Shael: Come here for one sec...
Un: If they are something to eat, yeah.

26) Natural born, or clone?
Edward: Natural.... *Stare me too close*
Shael: What the hell are these questions??
Un: I don't know...

27) Car or ship?**
Edward: None of them
Shael: Maybe you give me a ride!
Un: I have wings!

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
Edward: You wanna see? *serious look*
Shael: Not really
Un: No.

29) Any unusual things about you?
Edward: Like everything?
Shael: I'm witch. Do I look normal to you?
Un: Look at me! *laugh*

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
Edward: Normal... Like how much do humans or wolves eat?
Shael: I don't need much
Un: I eat like horse... Or bear.

31) Favorite place?
Edward: Forest or somewhere I can be myself
Shael: My village
Un: Maybe with my family? :3
"I might never get to heaven but I've been there before"
Gentleman of sorrow~who fears his own wrath
Witch of curse~Who crushes others with her pride
Monster of eating~Who couldn't stop his gluttony
Linseed of silver~Who hides her envy
Mermaid of darkness~Who had lust for money
Priest of happiness~Who hunts vampire for fun
Demon of shadows~Who serves the greatest of them all
Incubus of tears~Who has given up to his fears


Viesti Ke Touko 10, 2017 10:12


Characters chosen: Andelethar, my only one.

1) How old are you?
Old enough, and sometimes it feels like too old, even though I don't have any aches or old-people-problems.

2) Height?
Pretty tall, under two meters though... why you want to know?

3) You got any bad habits?
I don't think I have any habits... isn't that some thing that humans do?

4) You a virgin?
What are these questions even? Yes. I have no interest in human reproduction, I don't think angels are born that way.

5) Who's your mate/spouse?

Don't have any. Don't want any. Only a soul to keep safe.

6) Have any kids?

7) Favorite food?
I'm starting to think that this quiz isn't for me. I-don't-eat.

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
I don't know what you're talking about.

9) Killed anyone?

Killing is such a strong word, I would say that I have set some souls free.

10) Hate anyone?
The men responsible of Chaya's death. I wish I could go back to that moment and rip them apart once again.

11) Any secrets?
Well.. this one is pretty bad... but once I... I don't know how to say this.. but I. I said a curse word... it happened only once! And it was an accident! I swear!

12) Love anyone?
Not anymore. Maybe someday again, maybe never again.

13) TACOS?**

14) Ever slept in all day?

15) Favorite show?**
I don't really care much for shows or other thing that humans do, trying to keep themselves entertained.

16) Favorite movie?**
You are not making any sense.

17) Favorite band?**
Is this one of those human-things that I don't understand or are you slowly going crazy here?

18) Eye Colors?
Blue, I think. I don't really look at mirrors.

19) Skin?

Yes, I have skin. What a stupid human.

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
Someone would say slim, I don't have an opinion. I think size is irrelevant.

21) Rain, sunshine?
Sunshine, I think that when the sun is shining, the heaven is smiling.

22) Pool, beach?
I don't care.

23) Camping, staying home?
How about neither? How about saving lost souls? You cannot go camping or stay inside when there are other people around that are hurting.

24) Dog, cat?
Any and every animal is a beautiful creation that should be appreciated more.

25) Believe in aliens?
I believe in heaven, I believe in my own cause.

26) Natural born, or clone?
I don't know. Maybe neither.

27) Car or ship?**
I prefer flying. But I admit, if there is a long distance to travel in seas, ship is better than this... car?

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?

Only couple humans, nothing more. I don't usually go into blind rage that easy. I'm an angel after all.

29) Any unusual things about you?
I don't think so. I'm pretty usual angel, I think.

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
Nothing at all.

31) Favorite place?
Somewhere I can be close to nature and possibly heaven too.


Viestit: 120

Liittynyt: Su Elo 21, 2016 3:43

Paikkakunta: Metsä

Viesti Ke Touko 17, 2017 8:55


Menossa mukana x)
Characters Chosen: Lapiz Lazuli (eli L deathnoteforlife)& Elëniel (eli E)

1) How old are you?
L: I'm hundred and twenty something, but what's it to you, punk?!
E: Oh my, you mustn't ask a lady of her age~ Manners, my child.

2) Height?
L: Tall enough to kick your ass so deep down to your throat that you...
E: Well, as you can see, I'm capable of reaching to the delicious apples on those branches~

3) You got any bad habits?
L: Not kickin' your ass fast enough, I think...
E: Hmm-m, perhaps you think I should take more part in this war that's going on? Isn't that just sweet.

4) You a virgin?
E: I take that's something related to not carrying a foal later on? Then, yes I am.

5) Who's your mate/spouse?
L: Why the f- Okay, no. Nuh-uh. Don' have any.
E: I find this one stallion rather attractive, *giggle* But no, I do not see us as partners.

6) Have any kids?
L: Nope.
E: No, I don't.

7) Favorite food?
L: S'gotta be raw meat or some intestines.
E: Raspberries! De-li-ci-ous~

8) Favorite ice cream flavor?**
L: Say what? Uh.. meat??
E: I must say, I've never heard of that. May I have a taste?

9) Killed anyone?
L: Wanna get in line?
E: Oh, dear, no. I merely remind beings of their place.

10) Hate anyone?
L: I think I need to make a list cos' the line's growing...
E: No-one in particular.

11) Any secrets?
L:... I think I'm afraid and somehow ill.
E: Well, once I ate a whole bush worth of raspberries! Didn't even save any for my friend...

12) Love anyone?
L: I don't think- Why are you- NO.
E: My community. Nature. Those are my loved ones.

13) TACOS?**
L: Are you doing some weird spell?! HOLD UP!
E: Something I might get to taste?

14) Ever slept in all day?
L: Bunch o' times. That's good.
E: Oh, yes, I think.

15) Favorite show?**
L: how-to-kill-annoyances.... seen it yet?
E: I feel that music and dancing are much fun!

16) Favorite movie?**
L: That's gotta... be... raw meat?
E: Pardon?

17) Favorite band?**
L: fine, you're losing your shit. Just don't drag it on me.
E: One little fox girl has a beautiful voice! I love to listen her and her friends make music.

18) Eye Colors?
L: Green.
E: Blue~

19) Skin?
L: It's fair, duh?
E: All white, if you may.

20) Fat/Average/Slim?
L: Bones. I'm literally just bones oH MY GAWD HOW?? DID?? THIS??
E: I feel fine, thank you for asking.

21) Rain, sunshine?
L: Out of the two... sun. Won't have to keep myself warm with food. Rain is so... wet.
E: Sunlight and rain are there for each other~ Both!

22) Pool, beach?
L: Beach. Plenty o' prey.
E: Pools are very nice, I find water... rather amusing.

23) Camping, staying home?
L: No home. Out in the woods all the time. But a home would be nice...
E: My home is everywhere where the light touches..

24) Dog, cat?
L: Dog. Cats don't like me much.
E: I say both, neither is better than the other~

25) Believe in aliens?
L: Is that a new culture or something?
E: You might never know what's out there~

26) Natural born, or clone?
L: Natural. Why mess with Mother Earth?
E: Natural is my side~

27) Car or ship?**
L: ...Been on a ship once so that.
E: I'm afraid I have no idea~

28) Ever destroyed something out of blind rage?
L: Like someone's skull? Plenty o' times. Wanna see?
E: I once kicked the ground so strongly it cracked a bit... but that was centuries ago~

29) Any unusual things about you?
L: I guess I'm often blaming myself and slipping into my mind and not seeing clearly... plus I can tackle a bear.
E: Have you noticed? Birds do little braids in my hair at times~

30) How much food/drink do you need a day?
L: Can go without any for... a week. If I had it, I'd eat a wild boar in a day!
E: Some greens, much less than your horses. And water every few days at least~ Keeps your coat clear~

31) Favorite place?
L: I don't know... somewhere far away. Maybe not even in this world.
E: With those that I love~
Sudella on suden luonto, ja syömmetön sus' se vasta vaarallinen on.
Ei hän saanut lainaksi vapautta, vaan syntyi siihen aamutähtien alle.

Korpimetsän kuiskinnasta, maasta mustien muistojen
pimeydestä pihkaisesta, tuoksusta tunturin tuulen
löysin sinut ja vapauden.

Peliseuraa kaipaan aina!!

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