Snow-white and four wayfarers//Varattu

Mättäitä, puskia, kiviä, havu- ja lehtipuita, kukkuloita. Mitä ikinä metsä pitääkään sisällään. Metsän reunat ovat tasaista, usein lehtimetsää, mutta mitä syvemmälle metsään vaeltaa, sitä hankalammaksi ja aaltoilevammaksi maasto muuttuu. Metsää on silmänkantamattomiin, aina Cryptin etelärannikolta pohjoiseen, Kleth vuorille ja niistä eteenpäinkin.
Metsästä löytyy vaikka mitä enemmän ja vähemmän mukavaa. Pohjoisemmasta metsästä löytää melko usein raunioituneita kivirakennuksia, jäänteitä kylistä. Metsästä löytyy kuitenkin myös toimivia, pieniä kyliä, joista suurin osa on ihmisten hallinnassa. Osa kylistä on täysin ihmisten asuttamia, osa taas koostuu suurimmaksi osaksi taruolennoista. Haltioilla ei ole yksittäisiä kyliä pitkin metsää, vaan heillä on yksi, suuri kylä piilossa metsässä.
Käräjäkivet ovat yksi tunnetuimmista muinaispaikoista metsässä. Käräjäkivet ovat suurehko rinki isoja, istumakelpoisia kiviä, joiden keskellä on yksi isompi, pöytää muistuttava järkäle.

Viimeisimmän tannersodan jälkeen haltiat ovat ottaneet metsää haltuunsa. Yksin liikkuvien ihmisten on parasta varoa haltioiden partioivia joukkoja. Myös ihmisten karavaanien, jotka käyttävät metsäteitä, pitää varoa haltioita. Haltiat eivät kuitenkaan ole ainoa uhka metsäteillä ja poluilla. Satunnaiset maantierosvot vaanivat pahaa-aavistamattomia uhrejaan vakiopaikoissaan.
Metsäteitä on rutkasti. Suurin osa niistä on tarpeeksi leveitä ja hyväkuntoisia vankkureille, jotka saattavat matkata kylien välillä, jopa kaupunkiin. Teitä menee aina eteläisimmästä päästä pohjoiseen. Metsätiet ovat kauppiaiden suosima reitti maantierosvoista huolimatta, sillä arojen tiet ovat alttiita lentävien olentojen, kuten lohikäärmeiden hyökkäyksille.

Valvoja: Crimson

Viesti To Helmi 02, 2012 5:58

Snow-white and four wayfarers//Varattu

//Group game in English with Harlekiini, Kitty and VaivainenLepakko!


It was noon. The mood in the snowy forest was somehow really sad even thought the sun was shining. No life were in sight and only silence were heard but that didn't last for long. Big loads of snow dropped from the trees when the sleigh, pulled by two black demons, passed by. The demons looked like huge imps with horns and fangs. Not forgetting sharp claws, which could easily lacerate a human.
The woman in the sleight didn't mind them because they wouldn't do anything what she hasn't ordered. Ofelia Remington was a witch, who could manipulate demons by singing, and who now earned her living by merchandise. She didn't normally leave her shop, but now the word of legendary magic tool had reached her ears. After a war there was lot of tools and armors on the black market. Those, who were too slow or unable to steal the goods from the dead in the battlefield had to rely on the black market. When Ofelia first heard about the tool she packed up and left immediately. She wanted it. And she was going to have it even if it meant taking it by force. Ofelia led an army of thousand demons. She could have anything she wanted.
For a long period of time the silence of the forest started to annoy Ofelia and the hoofing of the demons didn't make it any better. Ofelia coughed and started to hum. It was only humming for a start, but soon she started to sing with a voice that'd make even a canary ashamed. The song wasn't anything special, she just singed the melody and enjoyed herself without knowing that the forest animals weren't the only ones who could enjoy her singing.

//Typos are more than possible. Next one to answer is Harlekiini.

Viesti To Helmi 02, 2012 8:26

A small flame flickered on a thin stick held by a young man with an usually red hair as he watched its dance, covering it from the icy wind with his palm has well as he could. He had long since given up an attempt to keep his fingers warm with the small flame and was now simply entertaining himself. He had eaten his ascetic lunch on the Mootstones a couple of hours earlier and had then travelled to South enjoying the beauty of the wintry forest until had stopped by one of the ancient trees to rest his aching feet. Walking in snow sure drained energy.

The pointed ears of the demon soon caught a faint sound that came from his left. Tsytan lift his gaze from the flame and frowned as he listened to the singing along which came an uncomfortable feeling, a sort of déjà vu, even though he wasnt able to name the feeling. As for the sound it had very tempting touch in it, albeit a faint one; yet that only made it more interesting. The sound grew louder as the wondering demon approached (he hadnt even noticed he had started walking) speeding up his steps with the help of his spear, and the closer he got the more curious he became. He had not yet encountered the origin of the song until a black creature dashed from one pile of snow to the other right in front of him, halting him immediately. The mans hold of his spear tightened. Had he been human he wouldnt have believed his eyes, but as a demon he knew better. And that thing just now had definitely been one his kind. Tsytan didnt move for a while and kept staring at the place where the creature had vanished into. He had met some half-demons in his travels, quite many of them in fact; but not once a pure blood demon such as himself, not even in a disguise. He had mixed feelings about the incident. On the one hand he was delighted to see someone or something like himself, but on the other hand it was also slightly terrifying. To have them jump out right into his face just like that, after first making him believe he was the only one!

The demon snapped out of his thoughts and ran after the creature having already forgotten the ache in his feet. He jumped from one rock or fallen tree to another advancing at a remarkable speed, until he spotted a sleigh led by a human female not far from him. The déjà vu feeling he had had earlier grew stronger, and with a long leap he ended up behind the sleigh between its traces, letting the spear fell from his hand. He took a deep breath. Damn him if was to chase the other demons all the way through the forest!
Hey! You there! Wait! Tsytan shouted at the woman, and gasped. The freezing air didnt do well to his lungs. Hi picked up his spear once again and started walking towards the sleigh, keeping an eye on the demons pulling it. He had been almost right. Those were demons, that was certain, but not his kind. These were moreprimitive sort. In a way he felt relieved by the fact.
The only downside was, that he had not planned any way to start a conversation. I say, are those demons? Splendid, so am I! No. That wouldnt do.
Forgive me my rudeness, lady, he started and bowed, but I could not help but hear your song and see thesemarvellous creatures you have. I was simply wondering what, exactly? Tsytan didnt even know why he had started following the woman in the first place,
..Wonderingwondering if these are possibly..demons?

¤¤ Here comes the stuttering Tsytan. "the posts may be shorter due to the use of foreign language", my ass...¤¤

Viesti To Helmi 02, 2012 11:04


Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit ! Half demon though running through snowy forest. The puss in boots didn't have much of a luck with her today. She had tried to rob somebody, and failed as trying.
All the four "paws" were used so she could run a bit faster, and hiding, was not an option. Only a fool would try to hide when marks in the snow would lead chaser right to the hideout.
But soon those big cat ears heard something from not so far away. It was beautiful singing, even angels would fall from the sky just to get to hear even one minute of that heavenly song.

Hairball got interested and started following the sound, while keeping her speed up, ofcourse. Eventually the singing stopped, but Mimoza had found the source, it was coming right at her ! She had jumped in front of two demons whom pulled sleigh after them. Cat dropped a bag from her mouth to her hands, ans hissed angrily hoping demons wouldn't run over her hairy butt.

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Viesti Ti Helmi 07, 2012 10:26


The snow under khimaira's hooves was whirling. She was following a thief. Stupid little thing! Trying to rob me! Woman thought and followed pawprints that the thief had left behind. Rindou heard some kind of singing coming through forest. She didn't pay any attention to it even though it pretty much annoyed her. Blood flowing faster in her veins Rindou started to run faster. She knew she was close to her victim. Only problem trying to catch one thief was that the singing disturbed Rindou's focusing. It made her even more angry and she just kept running even though her brain said to go to other direction.

Woman saw her robber and started to run faster. Now I got you! She thought and didn't see the sleight or the two demons first but then she realized them and stopped really quickly just before she hit anything or anyone. At first Rindou almost forgot why she was even running. Then she saw that little hairball that she tried to catch and created a strict eye on her.

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Viesti Su Helmi 12, 2012 6:32


Woman told the demons to halt when she heard a voice from the forest. A man came between the trees and asked Ofelia to wait. She wasn't happy when she was practically forced to stop.
"State your business and stop mumbling", Ofelia said even thought she was flattered by the man's polite words. Flattered feeling soon changed to calculating when the man stated his question. Ofelia was just about to answer, when another creature jumped out of nowhere in front of the sleight. Demons glared the girl and were ready to attack if her act would grow more offensive. Not too long for that another girl came from the woods.

"What in the Earth is going on?" Ofelia asked and started to feel really frustrated. She wanted to keep going but how she could do that when there was all kind of thugs coming where ever thugs come from.
"Excuse me..." Ofelia hissed trough her teeth, got out the sleight and walked to the to girls.
"Who are you two and why the HELL are you rampaging in the woods like a savage beasts?!" she said or, more precisely, yelled.


Viesti Ma Helmi 13, 2012 6:24

The demon cleared his throat. His entrance had been far from elegant, and that simply wouldnt do. Fusibleness and fancy sentences were what his character was all about, not rushing through a forest asking blunt questions like a yokel of worst sort. Tsytan was about to apologize for his behaviour and rephrase his question, when the sleigh was suddenly surrounded by two other trespassers who seemed to be in a bit of hurry judged by the speed at which the two appeared and almost crashed the singing woman with her sleigh.

Tsytan blinked in mild confusion as the dark haired lady made a point of asking the two run-abouters the reason behind the incident or more precisely, yelling at them and utilized the brief moment of being ignored by taking a better look of the other demons. More primitive sort, indeed. Lesser ones. These were closer to draught horses than demons, forany deitys sake! Not a threat to his territory. However, he did not dare to start talking to hisbrothers-in-species and focused on the local creatures instead, stepping closer.
For this place to be in the back of beyond it sure has a potential of attracting wanderers similar to the one of a tavern, he said softly with his usual smile. His gaze found the cat persons eyes and with a wave of his palm he called the scared-looking creature to come closer.
I doubt this noble ladysservants would harm you, my little friend, but I do suggest you nevertheless cease testing the nerves of Lady Fortuna and step aside. The demon had always had a soft spot for animal-like creatures, the more animal the better. The straightforward beasts were easier to deal with.

¤¤Aggaga. Nyt tökki. ¤¤

Viesti Ma Helmi 13, 2012 7:40


Ears of this furry creature told everything, she didn't like the situation. Now this cat saw black haired woman, and red haired man, first she though both of them would be her enemies, but those scary black demons looked like they would be listening to the woman, so there would be death path right infront of her if she yelled back.
"Excusez-moi madam." Cat girl said putting paw infront of another and running behind red heared man who had waved to her, with four feet she runned like an animal to safery zone. Man was saying what Mimoza was thinking, better step aside.
Cat eyes were following woman who had chased her, but she spoke to the black haired angry lady. "I didn't mean to jump in your way, i was just a bit confused while being chased, and then hearing heavenly singing." Hairball told trying to be as humble as possible, staying on side, being repared to hide behind a gentleman who seemed to be quite nice comppany.

//Penkin alla täälläkin. "Excusez-moi madam" Excuse me madam. at least thats what i've been told.//

Viesti Su Helmi 26, 2012 1:53


Womans eyes followed the little hairball. She took some steps towards all three persons and took her human-form.
"That little scum stole something from me and I want it back!" Rindou said with raised voice.
"So if you'll excuse me I'm going to take my belongings and go." Woman continued angrily and took two steps more. She couldn't care less about the two other persons. I do hope I don't have to fight with these.. Rindou did sense that these creatures weren't easy to win, especially if she had to fight with all of them at once.

//Brain lag..

Viesti To Maalis 15, 2012 10:47


"Stole something from you?" Ofelia asked from the one, who just changed her form from beast to a human. Witch turned her eyes to the polite girl and she started to get really angry. She hated thieves. Any other than herself, of course.
"You pest!" Ofelia snarled to the girl, "How dare you to steal here! This is my territory! And you won't. Steal. In here! Is that clear, you tart!" Witch glared the girl waiting for an answer.


Viesti Ti Maalis 27, 2012 5:16

The demon followed the conversation unnaturally silently red eyes jumping from one speaker to the next. When the demon-owner joined the conflict on the female creatures side, he moved his spear slightly in a protective manner, even though he held no personal sympathy for the cat lady. The rising fight, which he had no intention to take part in, was now equal in numbers. In theory, at least; the furball didnt seem to be much of a use if the she-beast with her singing companion decided to take back her own by force. Tsytan spread his arms calmly and flashed a cheerful smile.
Ladies, lets not be so hasty! Im sure thisahem... He wasnt quite sure what to call the feline. ...young lady had a reason for her actions. Lets hear it, shall we? I highly doubt there would be any need for fists.

Probably his idea of a fight-free conversation would hardly be agreed, yet it was always worth trying. The demon hadnt fought in many years, if not verbally, and didnt fancy the idea of refreshing his memory and skills with four opponents, the demon-owners pets included. The mention of the forest being the black haired womans territory had, however, touched a weak spot. He was the only noteworthy demon ten miles away! Humans were nothing but goods and food, so how could this little lady claim to own this area?
The smile on the demons face became even more gentle and happy if possible and made his red eyes shine as though in an honest delight.
If the item in question is valuable the young lady will naturally return it, wont you? He took a glimpse on the felines direction. And if it isnt...well, we can surely think of a satisfying solution! By the way, my lady, I believe this forest belongs to all.
The last words were directed to the dark haired demon-owner.

Viesti Su Huhti 08, 2012 5:01


Hairball took scared steps backwards and hissed louldy as the victim of crime took steps towards her. Then Mimoza got really scared when blachaired seireen started yealling, eventhough cat didnt want to believe that forrest would be anyones territory.
As weird as it felt, this hairy girl was totally agreeing with red head, no need to attack against her, she would lose anyway. For a moment Mimoza looked up on everyone in this situation, sadly she meowed, and threw the bag with power tovards it's real owner. Aiming between the eyes ofcourse. "Hunger." Was Mimozas only answer to steal. At least the only one that these people would be hearing from her.
Hairball was taking wery good interest in this readhaired who ever he was, he spoke like a wise man. Unlike those two womans. And you lady can showe your territory in your non hairy butt.. she thought, but didnt have the courage to say it outlaud.

//My deepest apologies from this crappy english. "Meowed"= Maukui. Keksin omia

Viesti Ti Huhti 24, 2012 9:19


Woman really didn't want to fight right now. She noticed that the bag that was stolen from her flew toward her. Rindou grabbed the bag even though it almost hit her between her eyes.
"Well, now that I got my things, I'll just go.." Woman said with a small hand gesture and turned her back to the others. She really didn't want to do anything with the others and just wanted to go home. Without saying anything else Rindou started slowly walking away from the others.

Viesti Ti Touko 01, 2012 5:10


The man, as well as the weird feline girl, started to really get on Ofelia's nerves. It was good that he tried to solve the problem without violence but the witch felt still pissed. Fortunately the feline girl returned the stolen property to it's owner who took her leave after that. The five, Ofelia's demons included, were left alone to the forests and thus the woman saw no reason to stay anymore.
"Seems like everything's fine now..." she said and took a step to her sleight and before sitting on to it, she turned her gaze to the feline.
"If you're hungry, get a job. You'll lose arms if you continue that way, young lady."

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