Keskellä aroja kohoaa kaunis, mahtipontinen kaupunki, jota asuttavat nyt haltiat. Kaupunki on kauniimpi, mitä piilossa pidetty. Monikerroksinen ja moderni kaupunki pitää sisällään niin perinteisen kauppatorin, kuin monia pienempiäkin toreja. Kaupungista löytyy myös raskaasti varustettu sotilastupa, jotta kaupungin turvallisuus voidaan taata. Keskellä kumpuilevaa aroa kohoava kaupunki on kuitenkin turvassa yllätyshyökkäyksiltä, sillä lähestyvät viholliset näkee jo kilometrien päähän. Kaupungista löytyy kaikki mitä voisi olettaakaan. Kauppoja, putiikkeja, lekureita, tyrmät, asuntoja, kartanoita. Majataloja ja tallit, joihin sopii myös erikoisempia vieraita. Ihmisiä ei tässä kaupungissa suvaita, elleivät nuo ole ehdottomasti pettureita omilleen tai orjia. Edes puolueettomat ihmiset eivät selviä kaupungissa ilman pidätystä, elleivät taida varjoissa pysymisen saloja. Kaupunkia ympäröi kuitenkin valtava muuri, jonka yli on mahdoton päästä kiipeämälläkään. Kylään pääsee sisään portista, jota vartioidaan vuorokauden ympäri.

Kaupunkiin on muuttanut enimmäkseen haltioiden korkea-arvoisempia ja rikkaampia kansalaisia. Köyhemmät kansalaiset, jotka eivät ole kyenneet uutta asuntoa ostamaan, ovat jääneet haltioiden piilopaikkaan asumaan, kaikessa rauhassa.

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Viesti Su Elo 19, 2012 7:47


Despite the temperature being far past satisfactory and quickly getting closer to unbearable, the merchants of the elven city didn't even consider closing their shops earlier due to the sultry weather. The citizens made lazy customers as each was having enough of the heat by simply doing their daily chores. It hadnt rained in a long time, and the oppressiveness was hinting of autumn thunderstorms soon to come. Still, the merchants did their best trying to sell their goods to the elves and other magical folk who were eyeing the goods out of politeness while the only thing they actually wanted to buy was a cool breeze. The shopkeepers dedication was similar to the one of human traders earlier in summer.
The demon admired diligence of this kind, and he loved work. He couldve spent the entire day watching others do it.

He couldve also paid a generous amount of silvers for a horse. Even an ass would have been fine. Anything to give his aching feet a rest. He had walked all the way from the city of humans to the city of elves through the great Quinn forest and the Laurina plains, and there was still the entire city left to walk through until he'd reach the castle. Had it been just a walk he could take it, but some nimrod of an architect had decided to create the city in a tower-like shape making the entire passing a climb!
The red haired demon sighed and wiped sweat off his forehead, shifting the jacket thrown on his spear holding arm. What had he been thinking, attempting to cross the plains and reach the castle in one day? Hot day, mind you, and after having walked a great deal already as fast as he could. Now that he was in the city it seemed ridiculous. The king hadn't needed him in all this time he'd lived in the castle so what was the rush?
He passed some merchants without even looking at them. Judging by their touts, clothing made of light fabrics was on sale, perfect for the hot weather were it to continue even longer, and matching jewelleries of course and would you look at these pots, beautiful aren't they, top-class clay, and sweet almonds to be enjoyed, perhaps sir in red would like some?
He didn't. A full drinking horn of water would've done the trick, or a better flagon. Why was it that every flagon he bought seemed to have a tiny hole in them causing the water slowly pour out? Irritating.

Tsytan has made his way into the third tier of the city and was slowing down his pace to catch his breath. If the king called for him now he would hear it loud and clear and be close enough to get to the unpredictable monarch in time. If he wanted to, he could stop by in an inn and allow himself a proper rest, but he didn't feel like sharing the same room with elves at that moment. He preferred finding his way to the square on this tier and sit down for a while in solitary of which he had almost grown used to during the days of his traveling. Almost. Soon he'd be yearning for company once again.

¤¤ Juudas ja Darcy, kiitos. ¤¤
Viimeksi muokannut harlekiini päivämäärä Ti Marras 06, 2012 11:56, muokattu yhteensä 3 kertaa

Viesti To Elo 23, 2012 12:28

//At your service!//

It was a sunny day in the city of elves. Having done his early duties at the stables, the stableboy came to the city in hope of earning a few extra coins. He was standing by a little shop, watching the crowd with his curious eyes, looking for someone - anyone - in need of a young man's assistance - and enough coins to pay for it. He doffed his feather hat to wipe some sweat off his forehead. It was a very hot day. But even on a day like this, the stableboy was wearing a longsleeve shirt and trousers reaching down to his calves. He could feel his shirt adhering to his sweaty back, but didn't give a moment of thought to lessening his clothes. Despite the discomfort he was smiling and greeted familiar faces politely as they passed by. Most of them were less excited to see him, but that didn't seem to bother the young man.

The boy was obviously not an elf himself. He had big, round ears that were as moving and expressive as those of a cat or a dog, his eyes were rounded by a pattern - like a mask of some sort - and he had a furry tail that was covered by dark stripes from root to tip. A boy like him sticked out of the crowd quite clearly, but most elves knew him already, so he didn't attract much attention. The ringtail was no stranger. After all, he had lived in this city all his life.

As he was about to pull up stakes, the boy stopped to see a strange man pass by. Red hair, red eyes... The man didn't appear elf and seemed unfamiliar to the stableboy, so the boy assumed he was a traveler of some sort. The man was carrying a coat and a spear and seemed just as exhausted as most. The stableboy became curious about the stranger, but also saw a change to earn a few coins.

"Excuse me", the boy exclaimed raising his hand as he quickened his steps to reach the man. The stableboy stopped right infront of the other, ending his onward course. "Pardon me mister, but I couldn't help but to notice how inconvenient it is for you to carry such burden with you on a hot day like this", he said looking upon the man with a modest smile on his face. "Please allow me to carry your coat and spear for you", he asked politely, offering his arms to carry the "burden". "I'll do it for a silver coin", he added.

Viesti To Elo 23, 2012 9:02

Tsytan let his gaze wander in the greenery embellishing the citys walls. It was remarkable how the plants didnt seem to suffer in spite of the climate, beginning their growth and flourishing in early spring, achieving full beauty in summer and then slowly changing to the autumn glory of colours before quietly withering to the asceticism of winter. Graceful and faultless, just like the folk nursing them with their presence alone. There was always something magical in elven ways, yet after the enchantment lost its edge their utter perfection became dull, and the red demon eyes began to approve the plain human way of life. Tsytan brushed wisps of hair off his face smirking to himself. Even though the war, however passive it at times turned out to be, was consuming both sides, it did ensure the differences between men and magical creatures thus allowing this marvellous contrast to continue and make his life more interesting. Peace would only lead to blending of the cultures, and where would the fun be were that to happen?
He still disliked the tower idea, though. Elves could learn to appreciate ground-level no matter how high and mighty they thought themselves.

Tsytan stopped in mid-step when a raccoon nearly jumped to his face offering assistance. Well, if this wasnt new. For a moment he did consider it and was about to hand over his coat (he hadnt encountered any thieves in the city so far, so he wasnt particularly worried), when he heard the price the kid stated. A silver coin for carrying a coat and a spear? Tsytan turned his staff and poked the creatures legs with its dull end.
Nice try, kiddo. For an iron coin I might consider it, but for a silver you ought to do a lot more than that. Now step aside. Without waiting for the young man to move, the demon walked around him to continue his walk to the tier square. He did agree with the slightly animal looking boy; carrying stuff around in a day like this was inconvenient. But a silver coin for such a work? The kid had probably fell off a horse and landed on his head too many times. However, somehow the kids offering reminded the demon of himself. Straight to the point with a prize too high, he had to admit it.

He shifted the coat on his arm again. He had been carrying it around for a long time and it was growing to be frustrating. He glanced over his shoulder to look at the boy.
Since I cant think of any way you could be of further assistance to me, Im offering you the iron coin. A bronze even, if you take good care of my belongings. He grabbed his coat and offered it to the little helper.

Viesti Ma Syys 24, 2012 12:08

//Suokaa anteeksi epäaktiivisuuteni, koitan panostaa...//

The boy felt disappointed for the reaction his 'generosity' had created in this man, opening his mouth to make a polite argument, which turned out to be nothing but a silent "but" as the man already walked pass him. Followed by his wavy tail, the boy instantly went after the man, spreading his arms as he tried to convince him to change his mind. "Wait, I can do more, just tell me what to do. I'll assist you in any way you want", he convinced, but it seemed like the man was no longer listening. "Maybe I could fetch something for you? Or maybe you have a message to deliver? Anything."

Darcy almost bumped to the man as he suddenly stopped and looked over his shoulder and said that he would pay an iron coin - or possibly a bronze - for the job. The boy smiled and nodded with enthusiasm. "A bronze it is!" he said, lifting the coat respectfully on his arm. "Dee Change at your service!" he exclaimed, bowing a bit. "May I ask who do I have the honour to serve today?"

Viesti Ma Loka 01, 2012 12:25

A bronze wasnt that much less than a silver, but it would have to do until he found a way to make the creature pay him back. Double the prize, of course. The everlasting smile on Tsytans face widened to a small smirk when the boy assured him his eagerness of serving in any way. Promises like that tended to be rather fatal in one way or another when said to a demon. Apparently this boy hadnt heard of him or at least hadnt recognized him, and wasnt that a good thing. The dwellers in the castle had come to know him far too well for his taste and he had to be careful not to let his reputation get too far ahead of him.
Well see about that, he announced as a reply. How far would this kid run to deliver a message? Taken that even carrying stuff around cost nearly a silver coin, it would be too expensive to find out.

Despite the too high expectations of payment, this Dee Chance seemed to be a rather well-mannered representative of youth, and could be forgiven his attempts to rob the demons money pouch in a socially acceptable way. Tsytan gave a small bow.
I am but a traveller. A basic opening phrase of his, and only partly true. I go by the name Tsytan. Just Tsytan; no other name has ever sticked.
He gestured the boy to follow him as he continued walking towards the square. Even though he was liberated of carrying his belongings, his legs still needed a rest.
Now tell me, Dee Chance, do you always offer your services to passers-by or are you simply in need of money? Surely a fine young man such as yourself could find more productive work in a city like this.

The square didnt have a well (no wonder; it wouldve been quite a feat of engineering to get water pumped up here) but it did have a small and delicate statue of a water nymph pouring air from its stone amphora to the plants and flowers that surrounded it. Tsytan sat on the edge of the statues stand and sighing stretched his legs in front of him feeling the muscles relax. He massaged his calves briefly over his red boots and gestured again to the boy, this time in a general way.
I hope you dont mind me resting for a while. Its been a long journey. Please, do sit down. Or stand, if you prefer that more.

¤¤ Koska odotusta on ollut yli kuukausi, vedän Tsytanin toistaiseksi pois. Peliä voidaan jatkaa jos siltä tuntuu. ¤¤

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