Viesti Ke Huhti 29, 2015 9:14

Re: Pelitilanne kaavoitus


Alan virkoamaan jälleen kohmeisesta horrosvankilastani (wat) joten alan vastailla peleihin jälleen! :)
Only after losing everything, you are free to do anything
Once upon a time,
Young lad, who believed in the unbelievable.
Foxy elven blooded, who was bound to a cursed sword.
Charming nobleman, who knew his way with the ladies.
Betrayed sorcerer, who found his place among not his kind.
Beastmaster, who speaks to the beasts as one of them.
Dwarven abigail, who fought the illness.
Master of the flames, who called itself immortal.
Human loathing avenger, who seeked to corret injustice.

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